Veenie's Custom Embroidery, located in Baltimore  Maryland,  is solely owned and operated by Veenie Mills. Veenie opened her doors in 2001 with a desire to earn a reputation as a manufacturer of the highest quality embroidery work for everyone.  Veenie realized a need for custom pieces 1 by 1 , so therefore we have no minimums. No order is either too large or too small!

Veenie started out in 1 small room of the house with 1 home embroidery machine and 1 computer. Since then , we have grown into the basement which is approximately 500 sq. ft. We now have 2 commercial embroidery machines to fill customer needs. We have added a heat press to work on  team uniforms with names and numbers. The heat press  has also opened the door  for us to take on screen print orders.

As the business grew with customers, we also grew with employees. Michael Baxter joined us in the summer of 2007. He currently runs the machines and the heat press part time while attending college. Karla Homberg , Veenie's daughter , has been helping out part time almost since the business started. It seems like whereever the help is needed, bookeeping, marketing, sales, she is there to fill the spot. Karen Homberg, also Veenie's daughter fills in behind the sceen with computer work , sign making and whatever else it takes to get some orders out the door on time! Jenn Smelser, Veenie's niece, joined us  2 years ago and does bookeeping and sales when we are at out at shows. Dave Mills, Veenie's husband,  has been a big help ever since the start. Now that we have branched out by attending shows, he transports our machine and helps to set up & tear down every show. We could not exist without all his help. When the shop gets busy in the spring time , you will find him operating the heat press to deliver product on time.  Everyone of these valued people have the same  focus, and that is to meet and/or exceed the needs of our  customers.